Our Philosophy


Where the art of industrial science meets passion.
Ascent Consulting Ltd
provides a range of engineering and design services on a full-service or item-specific basis.

Company Philosophy

Ascent believes that good listening skills are critical to successful projects. Early, straightforward communication with clients is vital. Ascent also believes that part of our job is to inform a client of any technical hurdles and scheduling challenges. A strong and transparent working partnership is the foundation upon which every successful project is built.

Good engineering, drawings and documentation for surface infrastructure add long-term investment value to our clients’ overall businesses. Ascent views good engineering as a realizable investment that helps avoid future environmental liability and excessively high operating costs.

In addressing overall liability, we believe that engineering codes, industry and client standards along with government regulations, represent the tools of the trade. And just like a set of tools, it’s the people using them that add real value. Our combination of practical operating experience and good engineering judgment, along with these applicable codes and standards, is crucial to efficient, enduring and robust infrastructure.


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