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“Throughout my career I have had some great mentors to inspire and help me to develop into a more complete person.  They allowed me to gain the knowledge, leadership and passion needed to be successful in this industry.  My goal is to inspire our staff, provide  leadership and mentor-ship in the same way I was inspired early in my carrier. This is how I would measure our success.”

Bill Alston

Why work for us?

We believe in growing careers as a team through opportunity and success. At Ascent we offer a fast paced and challenging work environment in an organization that values and encourages quality. We have competitive wages and benefit packages along with development opportunities that align with individual career plans. We create an environment where people can capitalize on their strengths and develop additional capabilities.

You’ll be working with experienced people who can provide great mentor-ship.
You’ll be exposed to a vibrant industry that depends on people and their skills
You’ll be treated fairly and allowed to chart your career
You’ll be competitively compensated

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