About Ascent Consulting

Ascent Consulting Ltd  was incorporated in 1994 to service producers in upstream oil and gas in Western Canada. Our services include facility planning and design, cost estimating, regulatory support (AER), project scheduling, cost control, construction management, vibration analysis and purchasing. In 2014 Ascent became a full-service EPCM company for design, construction and start-up, with ongoing operational support for the conventional oil and gas industry.

Based in Calgary, Ascent now engineers a wide range of quality fit-for-purpose projects. We provide our clients with cost efficient solutions and realistic scheduling. Our clients also receive start-up support and complete project closeouts.

Our People

With over 35 years experience, Ascent’s leadership team consists of industry experts who bring formidable engineering and project management skills to any undertaking. Our team’s first-hand knowledge and experience provides significant expertise in the disciplines: process, mechanical, civil, instrumentation and electrical.

Our Approach

Our approach is to begin with the end in mind. By understanding our client’s goals, we can adapt to meet their needs.  This could be a technical challenge, scheduling challenge or financial challenge.  In most cases, it is a combination of all three. How we manage these challenges is a key reason for our success. Great engineering design leads to long-term Return on Investment.

Our Partners

Ascent’s partners are "go-to" outside service providers. They are long-term service providers in upstream oil and gas.   Many of our partners are field based with central offices in Calgary.

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